Level 5 – Haute Couture: Top

10 x 3-hour classes – 1,500 euros

With Lunéville crochet hook

  • Placing of perpendicular sequins and tube beads
  • Placing of beads in a line
  • Placing of beads and bugle beads with 1 or 2 spaces between them
  • Placing of tube beads in a raised stitch
  • Placing of sequins in a “river”
  • Vermicelli beads
  • Filling in chain stitches on back

With needle

• Placing ribbon petals
• Small piping placed in back-and-forth stitch
• Placing of braid on its edge
• Placing of thin twisted band
• Creation of ribbon flowers
• Placing flowers
• Tacking stitches (on front)