Level 6 – Haute Couture: Top

12 x 3-hour classes – 1,800 euros

With a Lunéville crochet hook

• Retracing sketch with a chain stitch
• Silk embroidery using a raised stitch
• Long-and-short stitches
• Silkchainstitch
• N°3 Vermicelli beads with one stitch between each sequin
• Line of n°3 sequins with one stitch between each sequin
• “Point riche” stitch
• Placing n°3 sequins in a “river”
• Adding a chiffon appliqué

With a needle

• Silk satin stitch
• Silkembroidery on padding
• Long-and-short silk stitches on padding
• Placing pierced n°5 jewels
• Placing beads using a straight stitch
• Placing beads in irregular lines
• Placing jewels
• Ironing the silk

Application technique

• Applying fusible interfacing
• Cutting out petals
• Cutting the chiffon
• Notching the chiffon
• Glueing the edges